Vancouver is a city known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and thriving food scene. As vegans, we’ve been delighted to find an abundance of plant-based dining options throughout the city. Here are our top picks for vegan eats in Vancouver, with our favorite dishes to try at each establishment:

Grano Pizzeria

Grano Pizzeria is a must-visit for all pizza lovers. With a variety of vegan options available, including dairy-free cheese and a selection of delicious toppings, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a mouth-watering plant-based pizza with friends or family. 

Our top pick: Spicy Margherita pizza with chili oil, and don’t miss the vegan tiramisu for dessert!

Grano Pizzeria, Vancouver


For those craving Middle Eastern flavors, Aleph is the place to be. Offering a fully plant based menu, you can expect to find fresh and flavorful options such as mezze including classic falafel, hummus, and a variety of bowls and wraps. It’s a favourite brunch spot of ours. 

Our top pick: The Brunch Shakshuka is so good!

Aleph, Vancouver

Bombay Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for Indian cuisine, Bombay Kitchen offers an impressive selection of vegan options. From fragrant curries to tasty appetizers and sides, there’s no shortage of plant-based choices to satisfy your cravings for bold and flavorful Indian dishes. 

Our top pick: Tofu Tikka Masala.


Mila is a modern, plant-based restaurant that showcases the best in creative vegan cuisine. With a menu boasting a diverse range of dishes, from sushi and ramen to burgers and tacos, you’re sure to find something to tantalize your taste buds at this innovative eatery. Give the delicious cocktails a try too.

Our top pick: Crispy tofu baos!

Mila, Vancouver

The Pizza Castle & Indian Curry

If you haven’t guessed it by now, we love a good curry so this is the second Indian inspired venue on the list. The Pizza Castle & Indian Curry is not only known for its vegan pizza options, but also for its delicious Indian food. While you could try their vegan pizza, we highly recommend diving into their Indian dishes. It’s a very casual spot so this tends to be our go to for a takeaway.

Our top pick: Vegetable Jalfrezi.

It was hard to narrow the list down to just 5 so here’s some of our other favourites:

For date night or a special occasion

For vegan comfort food in relaxed surroundings

For delectable asian inspired dishes

For pizza, because who doesn’t love pizza!

For Mexican, because tacos and guac are life

Vancouver’s vegan dining scene is truly impressive, with an abundance of eateries catering to plant-based diets. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, poutine, or creative vegan dishes, our top picks for vegan eats in Vancouver have got you covered, along with our personal favourite dishes to try.

Happy dining!